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  • I am not a Black woman. Can I still become a Feasting Sister?
    While Feasting Sisters is primarily focused on the cultural norms and traditions of Black women, we are not a discriminatory organization. Other non-Black women are welcome at our table with an understanding that the contents of the menu may be new to them. There may be some book selections that speak to their identity as a woman in general, but the emphasis will be on identifying as a Black woman.
  • How does your book club discussions "uplift black women in our walk with the Lord?"
    Feasting Sisters desires to uplift black women by implementing the FEAST acronym. Fellowship - Providing a sense of community to ensure that they do not walk alone in our journey. Empowerment - Helping them to discover the gifts they have that will enable them to find and fulfill their purpose. Accountability - Holding them responsible to the promises they make to themselves. Support - Being present and available to listen; affirming who they are in Christ and using prayer to see them through their challenges in life. Transparency - Providing a warm and caring environment where they can be themselves and feel secure in removing the everyday masks they wear to the outside world.
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